Q&A with Malise

Could you provide details about your services available to the community, both online and in person?

I provide comprehensive coaching and counselling services, including virtual and in-person sessions on the Gold Coast. My offerings encompass hypnosis and meditation practices, motivational and inspirational speaking engagements, as well as specialized courses and workshops. Currently, my primary emphasis revolves around holistic coaching and counselling, specifically designed for individuals navigating challenging periods in our collective context, with a core focus on fostering joy and resilience.

What drives your commitment to serving others in the chosen role you’ve embraced?

My insatiable quest for truth and a return to my inherent state of joy, love, and bliss has been shaped by a profound personal journey. From navigating the challenges of anxiety and depression during my upbringing as a highly sensitive and hypervigilant child to grappling with a severe 20-year eating disorder, addictions encompassing alcoholism and drugs, co-dependency, and engaging in a series of unhealthy relationships – each chapter has contributed to my growth.

This journey also involved awakening to the pervasive corruption in the world and experiencing a dark night of the soul. Seeking support and encouragement during these transformative times led me to the decision to be a beacon for others undergoing the daunting process of awakening to a profound shift in perception, accompanied by fear and a sense of hopelessness.

I consider it my mission to leverage my first-hand experiences, along with my unique gifts and talents, to demonstrate to others that love, often coupled with a paradigm shift, possesses the power to heal all wounds.

What is your primary focus or key inspirational message when engaging in teaching, speaking, coaching, and counselling?

We transcend our programming, ego, and bodies; we exist as expansive, multi-dimensional beings undergoing a human experience within a simulation or “dream.” Upon awakening within this dream, we liberate ourselves from the constraints of our limited minds, shedding habits and subconscious programs. This emancipation extends beyond external dependencies, breaking free from the dualities of the world—right and wrong, good and bad, black and white thinking—escaping the ceaseless suffering inflicted by our minds. Through this realization, the profound sense of eternal bliss becomes attainable, a truth reflected in my own life. Understanding our true essence empowers us, leading to unshakeable inner peace, rendering us independent of external conditions for happiness.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

In childhood, we exist in a hypnotic state, absorbing our surroundings and constructing the programming we carry into adulthood. This framework shapes our minds and personalities. Regrettably, childhood downloads often consist of disempowering elements—limiting beliefs, unhealthy cultural values, and misunderstood, deleted, or distorted memories—forming our subconscious mind. Consequently, as adults, we often navigate life with a wounded inner child at the helm, leading to struggles and predominantly negative thoughts, as studies indicate. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) focuses on delving into our subconscious programming and transforming it into a more empowering narrative. It entails leveraging the language of our mental state to modify behaviour, essentially reprogramming the autopilot within us, constituting 95% of our programming. “Neuro” refers to our mental state’s impact on behaviour, “Linguistic” involves the language of our mental state, and “Programming” entails altering our mental state.

You frequently discuss quantum science. How does it connect to the concepts of healing, wholeness, and sustaining joy and resilience?

Quantum science has emerged as the primary discipline elucidating our essence at a subatomic scale. In the last century, scientists have revealed that we are essentially energy within an electromagnetic universe. What adds another layer of fascination is the profound understanding that our emotions are measurable energy waves—our thoughts manifest as vibrations. These energy waves are predisposed to attract one another when they share similar qualities, giving rise to the adage “like attracts like.” Essentially, when we experience emotions like fear and anger, we magnetically draw in more frequencies of fear and anger, amplifying these negative states. Conversely, dwelling in states of love and joy aligns us with corresponding frequencies, drawing more positive experiences into our lives. Quantum science serves as the cornerstone of my approach to mind reprogramming, aiming to empower individuals and attract higher frequencies of love and joy.

You mention wisdom from ancient teachers and sages. Can you provide more insight into this?

Our ancient teachers and sages throughout history held the answers we’ve sought all along. Delving into ancient myths, religions, and teachings reveals a consistent narrative – that we exist as pure consciousness within an illusion or dream, endowed with the power to transcend obstacles. In essence, our identity extends beyond the confines of our minds and bodies; we are more than mere limitations. Liberation isn’t contingent on external factors; everything essential for our freedom resides within us, in our universal connection to our true nature – pure consciousness. Unfortunately, this straightforward message has been convoluted, obscured, and entangled over time. Entrapped in the material universe, we’ve overlooked our fundamental essence – one of love and inner wisdom. I firmly believe profound healing unfolds when we grasp the truth of our existence. We possess the capability to self-heal and liberate ourselves from suffering. This wisdom isn’t exclusive to Jesus; it resonates in the teachings of Buddha, the Tao, the Vedic traditions, Native Indians, Aboriginals, and many more.

Your approach is a holistic approach, bridging mind, body and spirit. Can you share how you help a client can find the right balance?

Commence with the heart – channel your focus towards it. Ensure that love, appreciation, gratitude, and compassion radiate from your heart. The practice of meditation serves as a crucial component in establishing this vital connection. Following the heart, attention shifts to the mind – the source of our programming, stumbling blocks, and suffering. Utilize the daily triggers in your life as a means to pinpoint disempowering filters of perception. Bring these filters into the light, allowing them to be felt, reconfigured, and ultimately surrendered. Finally, the body materializes as the last stage of manifestation. Your body directly reflects the state of your mind and heart. As the densest aspect of our being, the body undergoes healing when the mind and heart find alignment. I guide my clients in discovering this equilibrium, facilitating enduring healing.

In the midst of the current world challenges, do you have a message of hope to share?

The reason for my present smile and the abundance of love and joy in my heart lies in this understanding. Recognizing oneself as an eternal being, a multidimensional facet of pure consciousness and love, instills an unwavering assurance that nothing within this illusion can harm or impact you adversely. This message, liberating in its essence, delves even deeper. Upon realizing and adopting a daily focus and practice to remember your true nature, you witness the fading of your old programming’s interference with your mind, heart, and body. It naturally dissipates as you acknowledge and release the illusion of having control over the external world. True freedom emerges when external programming ceases to influence us. For those navigating the current shifts in the world, I highly advocate the commencement of a daily meditation practice as the starting point on this journey toward inner peace, joy, and resilience.