Or are you lost in the highs and lows of yesterday and tomorrow?

An afternoon well spent meeting our industry peers in Currumbin, Gold Coast

Power and freedom are not found in the memories of highs and lows. Did you know that when you live in the past and the future you invite in distortion, illusion and confusion? Did you know that fear only exists within the mind of someone living in the past or the future? When you are here now in the present moment, fear cannot exist.

Recently I ran a wonderful networking event, the second of many, for people like myself who are a little bit alternative in the spiritual and holistic coaching and counselling areas. We got together and it was a wonderful experience in flow, surrender and joy. We held a loving space for each other. We met new people, swapped business cards, shared skills and enjoyed a powerful sound healing. Overall it was just a wonderful experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I loved coming into the space before my guests arrived and setting it up by creating an atmosphere that was cosy for everyone. I loved cleaning up the space when the event was over, packing up and making sure the room was was ready for the next person to use. I loved driving home as the sun was setting feeling that appreciation whilst I ran over the events in my mind that had just occurred.

In a moment of realisation of what I was doing, I suddenly stopped my thought process of getting high from a memory.

What I was running over in my mind was now considered the past. The old Malise used to spend a lot of time running over the past. The highs and the lows would regularly go through my mind. But I caught myself this time because I felt this intuitive guidance to really see that I was being pulled from the spaciousness of the present moment. Despite just having left a wonderful event I was guided gently to come back to the here and now as I drove home.

In this moment of insight, I looked up through my windscreen and I saw a beautiful sunset. I felt the balmy summer air drifting in the windows. I felt deep presence, appreciation and love for where I was now. I realised that this presence can only be appreciated now. I saw that even though the old Malise wanted to go over that high that she just experienced I knew it was still just an illusion, like all memories become.

Many lives are spent in this illusory world of the past. But the past only exists inside our mind. It is not real.

Now, I’m not someone who intentionally likes to tread over my happiness obtained from memories. Instead, what I am learning and receiving are wonderful insights to know that true happiness is always only here now. Everything else is the mind. So I am practicing bringing myself back to present now moment. I am creating a new hardwired habit of thought that I believe will be of great benefit and increase my person power.

The same process applies for tomorrow as it does for yesterday. When I catch myself thinking about tomorrow and my plans for tomorrow including the exciting events that I anticipate or the things that I worry about I notice that it usually is accompanied by anxiety (fear). When I think about tomorrow out of pleasure or pain, I remember again to come back to the here and now.

Every thought is creating a vibration which creates trajectories for our lived experience. If we stay here now, we stay open to unlimited possibility, provided we stay here now in gratitude and love.

Pull back your power and I bring it within and remember that happiness does not come from a future event. Anxiety comes from a future event because we live it in the mind before it happens. So you can see that if you don’t live in the highs and lows of yesterday or tomorrow you are no longer attaching yourself to some external reason for giving away your present-now-moment happiness.

We are living in a time of great change. With change comes great uncertainty. Watch my video below to learn how to find an eternal peace from within, and no longer rely on the cycle of change in the external world.


If you are looking to enter the field of holistic, intuitive or spiritual coaching or counselling (or are already established) and would like to find your industry tribe, feel free to join our FB group here. I am running regular networking events for our unique niche here on the Gold Coast, QLD. It would be an honour to meet you.

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