Creating Conscious Goals

Time to change frequency…

Every moment, you are creating your world. Don’t spend a second in fear, where your DNA will contract. Stay in love and watch your energy expand.

Watch you are not in fear or contraction. The outside world responds to your inside intention and images. This means stop worrying about yourself and others. Worrying energy depresses the energy fields of others whether you are physically with them or not. Start consciously sending out high electromagnetic frequencies. This just means open your heart in love, appreciation, gratitude and compassion. Only loving emotions will relax the DNA helix. Deep love and appreciation will heal DNA. We are all interconnected! As Rumi once said, “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field.” We can meet in this field and create union, the ultimate opposite of separation.

So, in your day-to-day thoughts, catch any that don’t align with love. Give a wide berth to thoughts that make you feel resistance or control, fear and judgement. These thoughts take you away from love. Resist nothing, but rather, open your heart and change your frequency channel. Watch your world miraculously adjust around you.

Below are some inspirational goals you might like to meditate on and attract into your reality:

  • All fear is gone. My new Channel is permanently set to LOVE.
  • All dis-ease is gone. My body is buzzing in harmony.
  • My heart is fully open. My intentions are based in love.
  • I am feminine/masculine balanced, and always receiving.  
  • I am surrounded and connected to my tribe.
  • I am fulfilled in service to others.
  • I am surrendered to the present, trusting all my needs are met in faith.

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