Feeling Impatient: FOMO keeps you unconscious!

A few weeks ago I was guided right into this important lesson, hopefully for the last time. All I wanted was to be standing in front of all of my fulfilled dreams and desires NOW in the physical world. I’m sure you can relate to this very annoying feeling of impatience that I was experiencing as an uncomfortable state of mind.

In my contemplation of this new friction in my life I was shown the truth of the situation presenting in my life; that fear of missing out “out there” means we are usually doing whatever we can to avoid going inside our own being to do the inner work that is screaming for our attention.

Impatience is an energy that comes with frustration and anger, a feeling that we can’t have what we want RIGHT NOW! It requires us to forget who we really are and fall into the trap of the monkey mind.

We need to learn surrender so we can remain in FLOW instead.

Surrender means cultivating patience within a state of joyful flow.

However, for most of us the band aid solution to a feeling of impatience is “busyness”. Impatience is usually treated with “busyness” and a need to tighten our grip on what we can control. All of this leads to further shadow feelings of powerlessness and a life where we are living completely unconsciously.

Watch this video to learn the antidote to impatience so that you will never live another day keeping “busy” instead of moving into true love and power:


The irony is that we are missing out on the most important work we can do for our own healing, growth and transformation when we choose to distract ourselves with external events.

Ask yourself why you are doing what you do each day as you fill your day.

If you find the reason for some things is because you are afraid you will miss out on something “out there”, then use this opportunity to explore this shadow.

Are you feeling impatient, lonely, bored, unfulfilled, unworthy, unseen and unheard?

These are all indicators of shadows that need to be acknowledged, validated and released. There is no point being busy and partaking in what the world has to offer if it means you are doing it as a means to escape your own shadows. This is the definition of unconscious living. Choose to be brave and face your shadows and you will find a peace will fall over your life. This is true power and freedom!

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