What is NLP?!

NLP Demystified

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a versatile blend of communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. Its name reflects the foundational elements it addresses: neurological processes (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”), and learned behavioral patterns (“programming”). These components are modifiable, enabling individuals to achieve specific life goals.

Diverse Benefits

NLP boasts a broad application, offering accelerated results for diverse challenges, from limiting beliefs to phobias and learning disorders. It has garnered acclaim across various spheres, with testimonials from notable figures like Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, and Anthony Robbins. However, its efficacy remains a subject of debate in scientific circles due to its ability to yield positive and enduring outcomes, potentially challenging conventional medical practices.

Rapid Change

NLP comprises three core components: subjectivity, consciousness, and language, each influencing behavior and perception. Utilizing NLP techniques, practitioners facilitate rapid and lasting change, fostering personal growth and achievement across any area of life, including therapy, persuasion, negotiation, management, sports, teaching, coaching, and public speaking.

Facilitating Success

The job of an NLP therapist or coach is to utilize NLP techniques to assist the client in successfully reaching the desired results quickly. Therefore, it is important that the issues or limiting beliefs are first checked ecologically (how the current structure has kept this pattern of thinking in place) before removing via NLP.

My Personal Testimony

I would highly recommend attending an NLP course. After I completed my training, my life was never the same again. I have overcome and removed limited beliefs and unconscious conditioned behaviors that I developed in childhood and carried with me for so long…Today I am far more conscious and aware and continue to seek emotional and mental mastery.

Back in 2013 I began my journey into the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming. I was having a difficult time in my life. I was struggling to find meaning and happiness. My life felt empty and I fed that emptiness with unhealthy escapism (which only made things worse). I was encouraged to enroll in an NLP Practitioner course, but resisted for a while. I wondered what the hell NLP was and why I would want to learn it. During that first course I was blown away. My life took a sharp turn. My eyes opened to a whole new way of perceiving the world. I had no idea how unconscious I had been – and here I thought I was all over that personal development stuff. How little I knew was shocking to me…and now I can safely say that I am a completely different person today. 

Discovering the Power Within

Turns out we are all living in a world of our own making. The first topic we learned in my training was that we all have our own unique lens of which we peak out at the world. It’s impossible to walk in someone else’s shoes. We are all assuming that our friends, family and colleagues share the same reality. Not so!

So what exactly is NLP you may ask?! In a nutshell, it’s realizing that our mind can be programmed and that we are all living mostly on auto-pilot, a personality created from this programming. NLP is the art of learning the programming language in order to change our thoughts, words and deeds to give us a greater advantage in this life. Most of our programming happened before we knew to question it – up until about the age of seven.

Navigating Mind & Spirit

But my explorative truth seeking didn’t end at NLP. It was only one puzzle piece. I realized that there was a gap between the mind and the heart. The spiritual focus was missing in my training. I remember asking my trainer that if all of our neural wiring can be completely changed, then what is left? Who are we underneath the personality? He paused while he considered, then he answered matter-a-factly that we are LOVE. Love is the pure essence of our being. The rest is temporary – the body and mind. Our true being is eternal. 

What I was seeking but couldn’t find back in my twenties became the service I offer today. I offer the unique combination of practical Neuro Linguistic Programming tools and techniques (working with the mind and its subconscious programs) as well as the intuitive flow of surrendering to Divine intervention, healing and transformation, and working with the heart, the field of truth and flow.

Invitation to Discover

I decided to summarise the concepts into a short video that captures why each of us has a completely unique view of the world compared to our neighbour. Some of us see a world of love, whilst others see a horror story. If you’ve never heard of NLP, I would encourage you to watch this, it’s pretty fascinating…

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