How To Find Your Prince Or Princess Charming

Did you know you have a little thing called a Reticular Activating System inside your brain stem?

Never heard of it?

Basically, it’s a network of neurons that filter out what you consider to be unnecessary information so that you can keep focus on what you want to see, out there in the world.

If I asked you how many yellow cars have you seen today, what would you say?

Most people would have no idea.

But, if you’re in the market for a new car and you insist on it being YELLOW, then when you are out and about paying attention to cars on the road, your RAS will filter out all the other colours so that you really only notice the yellow cars.

Because, and here is the key – that’s what you are looking for. YELLOW CARS. And you could probably tell me how many you saw that day. The RAS helps you find and hone in on what you are looking for, by filtering out all the other unnecessary distractions.

The really extraordinary function of the RAS is that if you decide you want something and you put all your attention on daydreaming about that thing, your RAS will aid you in honing in on the path of least resistance to get to that thing into your life.

You see, the snazziest feature of the RAS is the fact that it doesn’t know the difference between something you see in real life and something you imagine or daydreams about all the time. It’s all the same thing to the RAS.

So, let’s just say you start picturing the man of your dreams everyday (inside your head), and you really feel it (which makes it even more real to the RAS). Your RAS will aid you in focusing in on finding your prince charming IRL (in real life). It will filter out all the pathways that will take you in other directions and light up the red carpet to that fateful meeting with your handsome fella or gorgeous gal.

The key though, is that the RAS will only seek and find information that validates your BELEIFS.

If you believe that you will never meet someone special, then your RAS will provide the evidence of such. And vice versa, if you believe there are heaps of eligible singles always making moves on you, your RAS will prove this is true by seeking out the evidence.

So that’s the difference between a successful person and someone who never gets what they want. You need to actually believe you will get that thing or meet that person or go to that place. You have to believe that this IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU and THAT IT FITS INTO YOUR REALITY/YOUR WORLD. Because the RAS will filter out your prince charming if you don’t believe you’re ever going to meet such a person.

For many of those “Manifestors” out there, this is their secret. An ability to use their RAS to help them bring in whatever they are dreaming about. And they actually believe that they will get it.

So, whilst the RAS is a great tool for bringing in what you want. You may need to do a little tweaking on some of the beliefs you hold of what you deserve or what is possible for you. And that’s a whole other conversation which is worth looking into (I can help you with that).

We can do just about anything and it’s only ourselves who get in the way. Louisa Haye said IF YOU ACCEPT A LIMITING BELIEF, THEN IT WILL BECOME A TRUTH FOR YOU. And this all comes down to what beliefs we hold about ourselves.

So, before you get to work manifesting using your RAS, do a health check on your beliefs, especially those around self-worth and what you feel worthy you can receive in this life. Then have some fun; whipping up your dreams using your RAS and your world of imagination.   

Please get in touch with me if you need help with any limiting beliefs so that you can move forward and start bringing in some of those dreams.

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