I Am Enough

A Poem For All Those Feeling Otherwise…

I am enough,

Just the way I am.

The world had reflected my own illusion,

That I was not enough.

I attracted an external push to be more.

More, more, more.

I didn’t accept myself as I was.

It was never good enough.

I cut myself off from my body.

I stopped listening to my inner voice.

I looked out into the world for approval,

But I never found it.

Instead, I found more pressure to be more.

Never enough.

I felt disgust, unworthy, impatient.

I was always anxious.

Pressure, pressure, pressure.

To be more.

Today I see the truth.

That there is nothing more to do.

That I am just right.

Perfectly me.

There is no more doing.

I am free to just be.

And my world begins to reflect,

This perfect harmony.

I will hear my body,

Tell me what I need.

I will listen and respect it.

I will say NO and I will say YES,


I will know I am enough.

I trust my inner voice,

Because I AM enough.

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