IMPATIENCE: Stop “busy-ness” from keeping you unconscious!

In my life I’ve felt an awful lot of impatience.

It’s very typical of someone who has this mentality of achievement, and who has lots of creative ideas. Recently I have commenced a new venture. This is in addition to the business I’ve been running quite successfully for a year now. With that comes the highs and lows of creating and building on processes and procedures and establishing best ways of doing things. All this leads to hopefully increasing my capacity and my influence along the way. After all, if we have more influence and capacity in our lives, we have more feeling of fulfilment. With all of this creative building has come this feeling of impatience. Just like any emotion, impatience is an energy and just like any emotion it’s an energy in motion.

This impatience is an energy in my life that I’ve yet again experienced recently.

Perhaps it’s part of your programming too – the need to always be two steps ahead but never present in the moment. This is something that I’ve worked on for a long time and I’m still in the process of getting better at being present. What does being present really mean? Well, firstly we need to be aware that there’s no such thing as time. Time is really just a concept to understand how we can be distracted by ideas of the past and the future. The past and future are essentially where fear lives. So, this feeling of impatience is absolutely an energy resulting from a way of thinking that you get get caught up in these concepts of time; the past and the future. You get caught up in what you haven’t achieved yet, what you want to achieve in the future, what you haven’t got yet, what you want, and all of these kinds of ideas.

These are all thoughts that create anxiety,.i.e., a fear of the future.

This energy makes a home in your life, and in fact it’s certainly a cultural program. It’s now prolific in our culture; the high achiever, the do-er, the producer, the achiever. Always chasing this proverbial carrot but never feeling satiated because tomorrow never comes. And so we as achievers don’t stop to celebrate the little wins. In fact we find it difficult to stop at all and take a breather to smell the roses.

At the moment in my life, I have been granted a lot of time and space. The immediate thing that my old programming wants to do is bring to the forefront this energy of impatience to fill the void. What does impatience drive you to do? It’s a program that drives you to find something in the external world to be busy with. Busyness. I became unconscious and put my external focus or effort into being busy. For a moment there I got caught up in this because I didn’t like that feeling of impatience.

Fortunately, the steps I have taken up to this point in my business has been very much in alignment as I’ve been learning to let go and surrender.

I’ve been slowing down and quieting my mind as a practice so that I can receive higher insights and direction for each step I take. But as I said this is something that I’m still honing my skill in. I’m not perfect at it and I had an open space for the energy of impatience to come make a little nest inside me. Thankfully I have also been honing my practice of checking in regularly whether I’m conscious or unconscious in each moment. I’ve actually just recently set up a little reminder in my phone calendar that comes up every hour where it just says “stop and be still”. I immediately stop everything I’m doing and remember who I really am which is pure loving awareness having a human experience. I’m not the mind trying to control the external world via trying to do, produce and achieve. I’m not the body, rather it is just the vehicle I’m temporarily using. This reminder that pops up in my phone throughout the day is perfect right now for me. It allows me to stop recognize how unconscious I can often go into my mind. It reminds me to withdraw back into the true higher self that I AM; the eternal awareness. This brings you into a place of stillness because when you are not the body or the mind you recognize that you are an eternal awareness or consciousness. I’m grateful for this practice that I’ve brought into my day into my life and it’s helping me to more hard wire in my neural wiring into a new habit of being still and stopping throughout my day and checking in that I’m not getting caught up by the mind and its programming.

With impatience came frustration and anger.

But, back to my story how how this energy of impatience did manage to creep in. With impatience came frustration and anger. What is frustration and anger? These are two emotions that suggest that I feel powerless. They imply that there’s something that I think I need in the external world in order to be happy. This is another mind program. If I don’t have that then I do not feel at peace. Instead, I feel frustrated and angry. So, impatience usually brings in another energy – the need to control because it’s very uncomfortable if you feel frustration or anger that you need something outside of you to be happy. It’s very much a feeling that you’ve got to go out and try and control your outer world in order to bring in whatever you have deemed will make you happy again. This is not our true Self rather; this is the body and the mind trying to operate from the automaton programming.

This feeling of powerlessness and desire to control can lead to even further negative or disempowering emotions that keep you feeling stuck and leave you very much unconscious.

These programs are shadows and hence the importance of doing our own shadow work because our shadows will covertly operate and direct our thoughts words and deeds covertly. Shadows need to be looked at and released. They need to first be acknowledged and validated and then finally released.

It took me about a day to recognize that this was an opportunity for me to look into a shadow to see what was covertly operating from behind the scenes in my life.

I was clearly shown at this moment of Consciousness that I needed to step into a place of patience. What is patience? For a lot of us as kids we were taught to be patient you had to “sit tight”. So you would obey and shut up and you stop complaining and you would do whatever you’re told in order to appear patient. It was agonising. You would sit tight trying to be patient. This is not what patience is. Rather, this is just another form of the socialisation process. Patience is a joyful surrender. It requires stepping away from our mind and letting go fully and trusting in a higher divine plan for our lives. It requires letting go and allowing flow.

That can be scary for a lot of people.

There are a lot of people struggling with this energy of impatience because they do not believe they could possibly let go and allow something greater than themselves or a greater divine order to take over and create ease and grace in their lives. They don’t even believe this sort of thing is possible. You can see how that might be a block for many people!

What does the soul want to learn?

So having been shown that I needed patience I asked myself what does my soul want to learn? And the answer was that it needed to learn joyfyl surrender. It wants to learn how to let go and let God.

It’s time we all stop just keeping busy to fill the void and avoid looking at our shadows. Space and time is a gift given to us. A lot of people label this gift as boredom instead. But this is a chance for us to do the inner work of letting go and releasing trapped energies, traumas, emotions that we’ve held on to out of fear. We’ve been afraid of even looking at them because they’re scary and uncomfortable.

Certainly, my default programming wanted me to fill this gap of external space and time that I was gifted with seeking more work, more clients, enrolling in a course and further educating myself in something outside in the world.

One positive that’s worth noting at this point is that I’ve noticed that most of my small self’s (my body and mind) attempts at filling these voids with this busyness are now being divinely blocked in my life. What I’m finding is that every attempt I make from my old programming gets blocked because it’s not in alignment or flow. I did formally make a declaration and dedicated the rest of my life to flow and surrender and now I’m beautifully being blocked from trying to control things with my mind and my body. I’m finding that I’m always coming back to the present and being shown that there is work to do within; that it’s not about external work.

How do we even begin to joyfully surrender, especially when we’re in a state of impatience?

Firstly, it’s important that you do include an understanding of the importance of our breath. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the importance of breath work. It’s almost become cliche but it’s important to emphasize its value. Breath is the most practical thing you can do immediately when you notice that you are feeling impatient because breath brings you right back to this present moment or an awareness of your true Self; that eternal awareness. Breath reminds you that you are a soul having a human experience. Breath is the door between the unconscious and the conscious part of you. Breath will bring you right back to this moment.

So, take a big deep breath – mindfully, slowly, deeply and intentionally.

Breathe in and as you exhale let it all go, and then repeat several times. This act will stop that monkey mind from taking you in all sorts of directions. I like to imagine when I’m feeling impatient a turtle or a tortoise. I’ve actually got a figurine of one that I keep on my desk. This is a beautiful reminder for me to take each step in this life slowly and steadily. There is no race and there’s no finish line. Use this approach in everything you do. That way you won’t ever burn out or become overwhelmed.

Take it slow and steady.

So, my second point if you are feeling the energy of impatience is to remember the wise old tortoise and just go slow and steady. Make it your highest priority to just stop and be still throughout your day too as this is the root to becoming conscious. Stop regularly and come back to your true Self and synch up again with your direct stream of communion and connection with Source in order to receive wisdom, intuition, guidance and intelligence. This will equip you to take the next step. You will not receive this wisdom or guidance when you’re stuck in busyness trying to control the external world unconscious and afraid to be still with yourself.

It takes courage to be still and sit with yourself and every energy that arises in this moment.

But these energies arise to talk to you and show you a hidden opportunity for healing. This is allowing your internal guidance system to come online. Most of us have had no idea that we even have an internal guidance system! So, we don’t know how to use it, or even turn it on. Use your emotions to navigate what needs healing within and this same internal guidance system becomes your GPS for the external world.

Move into your heart.

When you are feeling impatience recognize that you can only be in your head because it requires your beautiful imagination and storytelling to map out a future according to your limited understanding. This is the illusion of external control; the idea that you have to achieve something in order to be happy. And all your expectations and attachments are tied up and stuck on some future thing. The solution is to move from your head down into your heart.

Physically put your hands on your heart.

This simple action brings your consciousness down to this sacred place in your body. Then focus your attention on gratitude by thinking of what makes your heart sing. Gratitude will bring you into presence. How can you quickly access gratitude? Just think of three things or three people that bring you into a state of gratitude, appreciation, love and compassion. These heightened feelings will bring you right into a place of love and power. Impatience cannot exist when you are in a state of gratitude within your heart space.

When you feel you are lacking something and you are telling yourself that you need “X” in order to be happy, know that this is an illusion.

You’ve told yourself a story and narrative and until you recognise that you are giving your power away, you’re going to feel this impatience manifested as powerlessness and feeling out of control. This is a delusion. Recognize that what you’re actually seeking is just a state of happiness.

This energy of impatience is you just wanting to feel good.

This state of happiness that you’re seeking is not something you can achieve from outside of yourself. It’s available right now from within. A perfect example is again, in order to move into a state, you can simply think of someone that you love and you immediately move into a new energy. So, when you want to feel happiness or peace or calm or joy don’t try and get it outside of yourself. It can only come from within you and it manifests as a neuropeptide; a brain chemical that will make you feel good

Our experience of reality really is mind before matter.

Before that external happiness manifests in whatever it needs to be it has to have happened already with mind and heart coherence. You have to be in your heart in a space of gratitude. Your mind needs to feel that recognition of coherence of love and only then will you go into a harmonized state and bring in that happiness that you thought you needed to seek externally. You can achieve this in an instant! There’s no external effort required. No more chasing the proverbial carrot and never feel satiated.

Instead of getting “busy” and trying to do, produce and achieve to find that happiness, stay in a space of gratitude with your hands on your heart, in total presence and bask in that energy.

Stay as long as you can because this is the most important place you can be in this life experience. This action is what’s going to change the world around you and raise the consciousness of our planet, This is more powerful than anything you can do outside of yourself. This will transform your inner world. “As within, so without”; that beautiful hermetic principle.

Be still and face your shadows.

So, if you’re feeling impatient your goal is to courageously face your inner world that is screaming for your attention. Be still and face your shadows. Stop being busy to avoid acknowledge them. Acknowledge that child who has been screaming for your attention probably your whole life. Recognise this hidden opportunity to release and heal. Release this impatience in a non-judgmental and loving way just as a loving parent would look after an innocent child.

If you continue to ignore this shadow and try and stay busy, you risk going offline in a frenzy of busyness.

You miss out on another chance to heal and integrate part of you that has been covertly directing your thoughts, words and deeds in disempowering ways. Let go of this illusion of FOMO or fear of missing out that comes within impatience. What’s the point of external busyness if you are unconscious the whole time? Do you really want to live your life busy but unconscious? You’re certainly missing out if you allow FOMO to keep you distracted from your own inner healing.

When you’re feeling impatient stay in your heart and be brave and face your shadows within the quiet space and time that you’ve been gifted. We are learning to utilize our higher senses and our perception. This is a very important time where this work can only be done within and not in the outside world. This is more subtle work yet perhaps even more powerful than anything you can do externally.

There is much taking place within you.

Be patient towards yourself. We are learning a new way of being. A joyful surrender. Let’s stop with external attachments to expectations and results we try to achieve with our small selves. Let go of your personal agenda and just allow the flow of the Divine in your life. You can’t do that if you’re unconscious and busy. We need to be still regularly and constantly coming back to we really are; that of pure loving awareness.

Once you experience the peace and bliss that comes with this new way of being as you take time out from the matrix and remember who you are, you finally allow your internal guidance system to come online. You will also create a new frequency of play. You will remember that life is not all about survival and doing, producing and achieving.

The important part here is to remember that the antidote to impatience is joyful surrender.

If you’re feeling stuck or you need some help learning to move down to your heart and begin to experience a conscious life of flow, book a free 1 hour virtual session with me. I would be honoured. Book here

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