My Dark Night Has Led To A Profound Peace

I’ve recently come out of a dark night of the soul. My identity and self image suddenly engulfed itself. I lost sight of the ground. I moved into a limbo state. It was terrifying, uncomfortable and unknown to me.

But it had been coming my way….you see, at least a year earlier I had put out a heart-felt quest to be free of attachments in this life that were holding me back from authenticity and joy. I had created a declaration of intention to find my true Self underneath any lingering layers of illusive self-identity that kept me small and afraid.

The emptiness that consumed me was a stage in this beautiful transformation. Some might call it a deep depression where nothing feels good anymore. All the old things that I gave meaning to no longer held that same meaning for me. The world of striving for some future career success, the insatiable sensory world of food and drink, and the idea that time should be spent worrying about financial security in the physical world all fell away.

What I have been left with is a feeling of vast spaciousness. I feel a consistent peace that I have never witnessed in my life before. I emerged from this dark unknown limbo state into a new deep clarity of who I am and what I can be in this world without so much loud noise, static and distraction from layers of fear of “doing it right”. I have changed a lot of things and let a lot of things go. The key theme for me is simplicity and genuine heart-felt joy for what I choose to create.

A dark night of the soul has been a catalyst for many in their lives to radically shift to higher levels of consciousness. In fact, in ancient times, a dark night was often intentionally stimulated as a right of passage. The initiate would be removed from what is familiar and isolated and put in a dark place for a period of time. You can imagine how this would shake things up!

It’s reassuring to know how this process works. It’s scary when you don’t know what’s going on and then this kind of thing hits you. Like any withdrawal process from what has been toxic in our lives, a dark night can be nerve-racking and unfamiliar.

I made a video of my experience. Watch to learn how you can also nurture the process of re-imagining who you are from the inside out…

Click here to watch!

And if you are interested in an update about how my life has changed since, click here.

If you are going through a time of uncertainty, or experiencing depression or anxiety, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a coaching and counselling session. Visit my booking page for a free 1-hour virtual session with me, I would be honoured. Life can be challenging when we feel we are doing it all alone. You are never alone and millions of us are going through massive transformations everyday, questioning our identity, especially at this time in history. Reach out for help if you need to.

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