Peace: Your Birthright

Living Without Peace

If you’ve ever been involved or brushed with the self-development industry you will be very familiar with the promises of everlasting peace that are thrown around. The same promises will usually be afforded to love, joy and freedom. Of course, if these methods, practices and promises really worked, why do the same people go on to seek more coaching and attend more courses, classes and seminars, usually for the rest of their lives or until the money runs out? The answer is simple, because the self-development industry has missed the point – and still pushing an idea that just doesn’t work. This idea is that you need to seek peace, and all those other things, from outside of yourself. So, what is the missing piece or shall I say, peace?  Very simply, the answers have always, and will always, lie within. No amount of seeking externally will give you the peace you are looking for.

You see, we have been carefully and strategically hidden from the truth, and from our own power and connection for the longest time. There is a great money-making model out there that took the place of age-old wisdom, of which the indigenous tribes of our world still hold onto. Thankfully, right now as a collective, we are experiencing a massive shift in understanding, and this ancient knowledge is coming out again to take back it’s rightful place in the hearts and minds of men and women.

Living without peace has become a norm in our world. It’s perfectly acceptable to feel anxious and overwhelmed in the morning when you lift your head off the pillow, followed with fight, flight and freeze stress responses throughout the day, and ending with you swallowing something to temporarily numb this unwelcome state of mind until you fall asleep. Then you do it all over again. Eventually, these states of mind transfer to the body and form little bumps in your health; headaches, aches and pains and all sorts of other manifestations, all leading to the inevitable serious dis-ease.

This only sounds familiar because we’ve been living this way for so long. Did you ever stop to think that perhaps this is not meant to be our natural state of being?

Superficial Fixes

We’ve been told that to get peace you need to get your life in order. You need to get your finances sorted, your relationship healed, and your career on track. You need to have clear goals set. You need to make sure that you have a mantra and at least a page of positive affirmations. And most importantly, you must never think a negative thought. Only then, will permanent and everlasting peace come about.

However, what if you had a lifetime of debt built up, or that your family were estranged because they didn’t like your lifestyle choices, or that you simply wanted to do something from your heart that didn’t really count as a career move? What if you were stumped as to how to ‘fix’ this? What if your dreams were so far-fetched that you had no idea how to set any goals? If you ever have had a niggling feeling that things should be easier, than know that you are onto something. Things are meant to be easier, in fact, peace is available to flow into your life easily, effortlessly, and abundantly.

The Missing Elements

Contrary to popular belief, peace does not just come from manipulating your external world and changing your mind. This is one third of the equation. For peace to find a home in you, it needs your body and your spirit too. For real peace to become part of you, you need to embrace this worthy need holistically. Gone are the days when ‘holistic’ was just a catchphrase for the new age movement. Science has finally caught up and we are seeing hardcore evidence that you must approach everything in your life from a holistic point of view. Body, mind, and spirit are all equal parts of what makes us human. We are powerful interdimensional beings having a human experience. Perhaps science has still not been able to quantify this aspect of our nature, but you can be sure that the deeply hidden truths about who we really are will come out, perhaps sooner than we realise. In the meantime, why waste time waiting in a state of dis-harmony.

Real Peace

Peace is not survival. Peace is thriving. What starts off as a seed you plant in mind, and spirit, eventually catches up in your body and external world. Once you start living in a state of surrender, trusting and constantly reconnecting with your divine source, the idea of heaven on earth is realised. This is a natural state of being; alive, connected and delighted.

Practical Steps to Peace

  1. First realise who you really are – a multidimensional being having a human experience. You have so many abilities you have not been taught how to use here in this world, but the moment you are shown, you will remember again.
  2. Decide you are tired of the old paradigm and let it go, surrendering to something greater than the small you. Admit you have been unconscious to the deeper truth of who you are and that you no longer need to live in survival mode. Give every concern, worry, doubt, problem, challenge, and burden up to a higher divine order. It’s not your job to solve these. Your job is to trust.
  3. Decide your new way of living is one of absolute trust in the flow of life, and the miraculous. Trust is the bedfellow of peace. Where peace goes, trust goes.
  4. Realise that you have a bucket load of disempowering programs that have literally been programmed into your mind since you were born. Ask your awareness to show them to you. These programs are beliefs, memories and values that no longer serve you. These are the very same programs that keep you small and afraid. Surrender these up and ask for the truth of your being to be revealed to you. Know that the universe operates on the Principle of Free Will. It’s up to you to ask for help. It’s up to you to ask for these trauma filters to be cleared out of your life.
  5. Learn to treat every triggering moment as a reminder that you are being initiated into your true sovereignty; which is a state of love where you can bring heaven to earth right now. This life in this body with this mind is an initiation – as subtle as it may appear sometimes. See it for what it is – a refining tool to remember who you are. These triggering situations in your life are there for a reason, and each time you choose to alchemise (turn into love) the bad feelings, you are getting closer to peace. What ends up happening, is that the more you alchemise these bad feelings, the less and less tests you receive.
  6. Know that you are always surrounded by waves and frequencies of energy that you cannot see with your human eyes. Science can prove this is true (just think of a radio wave – can you see it?). Frequencies have a very real effect on your body, mind and spirit. Do a house clean on the frequencies you are allowing into your life. Science has shown that even music has a massive effect on matter. It can change the formation of particles into a beautiful pattern or a chaotic mess. The same thing happens to the cells of our body. We can create harmony or chaos down to a cellular level. Remove all ‘noise’ in your life that doesn’t create harmony including negative news media frequencies, addictive environments and technology that keeps you unconscious. Take your shoes off and get grounded in the earth’s magnetic frequency.
  7. Return harmony to your body and mind for a faster connection to peace. Stop eating foods and drink poisoned with pesticides and chemicals. These chemicals disrupt our hormones and mess with our state of mind. Get the nutrients intended for you via organic foods. Cut out inflammation causing foods such as refined sugar. Inflammation is the precursor to all dis-ease. Your birth right is perfect health. Go outside, breathe deeply and connect your body with Mother Earth.
  8. Spend time in the present moment each day. Our society has taught us to live in the past and the future. Did you know that not even one single negative emotion can live in the present moment? This is because time and space stop here. This is the place where you connect to that something that is greater than you, where you reverse the aging process, reduce cortisol levels (move from stress-mode to creation-mode) and most importantly, where you find peace. How do live in the now moment? Close your eyes, find somewhere quiet and breathe deeply. Put your hand on your heart and feel love, appreciation and gratitude for being alive. Some say you measure your true age by how many minutes, hours or days you spent completely present! If you only do this one step, you will already be on your way to radically transforming your life into one of peace. 

You will know when you have found peace in your life.

Everything stops and the background buzz disappears. You will experience longer and longer periods of peace during your practice of being present. Most of all, you will see your life transform before your very eyes. Your burdens, issues and challenges will work themselves out, to be replaced with the grace of flow. Your body will return to its optimum state and your mind will be working with you, the way it was designed to. Perhaps for the first time, you will feel truly alive, connected and delighted. You will feel safe enough to open your heart again. Go get your peace today.

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