Redefine your definition of success: Walk to your own drum beat…

Hi there beautiful being,

Thank you for joining me on this journey of discovering ourselves and figuring out what success really means. Today, we’re going to talk about how society influences us and how we can make our own path.

Imagine life as a big picture, like a giant woven story. Society often tells us that success is about having lots of money, a great job, getting married, having kids, owning a house, and saving for retirement. These things can be helpful, but sometimes they clash with what we really want.

The clash between what society says is successful and what we want creates a kind of inner struggle. It’s like we’re not completely free to be ourselves in this big human experience.

To break free from this inner struggle, we’re going to explore something called neuro-linguistic programming. It’s like peeling away the layers of what society tells us so we can be free from feeling unhappy and stuck.

During this journey, it’s important to stop and think about what success means to us personally. I recently did this, and I realized I had some strict rules for myself—thinking I had to be super wise and clear of all my problems to be successful. But this made me feel like I was failing all the time.

So, how do we make success our own? It’s about being truthful, staying true to ourselves, and being honest with others. It’s about keeping what’s important to us in our hearts and always trying to see things with love.

To really succeed, we need to let go of what society tells us we should do. Ask yourself, have the things society says will make us happy actually made us happy? Seeking approval from others all the time can leave us feeling unhappy.

Real success comes from something inside us—a deep connection with what some call Source. This connection fills us with happiness, love, and acceptance. When we feel this inside, we don’t need others to tell us we’re doing well.

On our journey, we need to be aware of warning signs—those times we’re always looking for approval from others. These moments tell us it’s time to rethink what success means to us. The real answer lies in connecting with our inner strength.

Now, let’s talk about time. Time usually feels like it moves in a straight line, but on our journey, it can change and transform. Each moment is a chance for us to grow, rethink things, and discover new parts of ourselves.

The concept of time connects with how we see success. It invites us to think beyond what society says and explore what we really want. Success becomes a journey, not just reaching a destination.

In the end, redefining success isn’t about reaching a final goal but going on a journey that looks inside us. It’s about finding what’s really important. As we connect with Source, we feel a deep sense of happiness that goes beyond what society tells us.

This journey is an invitation to embrace our own stories, navigate self-discovery, and redefine success in a way that feels true to ourselves. It means being open to new ideas, looking inside, and taking a path that might be different.

If this message makes sense to you, take a moment to think about your own ideas of success. How does it match up with what you really value? What parts of your journey are worth reconsidering? Remember, success isn’t just about what others see; it’s about what feels right inside.

If you like this message, share it with others and talk openly about the many sides of success being different to each person. May each step you take be guided by self-discovery, leading you to a deeper and fulfilling sense of success where you walk to your own drum beat.

Have a beautiful day.

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