Slow Living: Moving to higher levels of consciousness

As I become increasingly aware of the importance of self-nurture and self-care, I recognize there are times where I need to retreat. During these times I re-evaluate where I’ve been dispensing my energy and check to ensure that my choices are conscious. This intentional process allows me to create new ways of thinking, new habits and new ways of being that serve my highest good.

Part of this experience of retreat from the busyness of life for me is about shedding light on the unconsciousness in my life. Because of our ability to adapt into our environments and the cultural energy that permeates, it can be quite Illuminating to see how easy it is to fall back into unconsciousness.

This brings me to the fact that there is a growing new movement called slow living. If you haven’t heard of it do a quick search and you’ll find that there are many people starting to come together and embrace this as a way of being. For me, this idea of slow living really resonated. When I first learned about it I didn’t quite understand what the word slow meant in its context but I learned that it doesn’t mean that you’re going to physically move as slow as a snail. It actually means that every choice you make and every action you take is to be done more mindfully and consciouslyas a choice.

Slow living is absolutely about shedding light into the shadows of the unconscious and our programming that keeps us asleep at the wheel. When we start to see where we are going into autopilot, we can start to make changes.

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