Spirals of Overthinking

Too many questions in your head that are creating spirals of anxiety? I know this is a familiar struggle. This time, rather than going into further narratives of “why”, the absolute best thing you can do for yourself is to surrender all of these stories/doubts/worries. The ONLY way you can know the answers to your questions is by moving into your heart. By analysing you are staying in your head which will continually feed you more false illusions of what-ifs and keep you suffering.

The ONLY way you can know the answers to your questions is by moving into your heart.

So, take your mind to a place of deep deep appreciation and gratitude. Move down into activating your heart. Feel love in an intentional way for as long as you can. And only when you are in your heart will you find that none of these questions are the truth. The truth is that the real you comes out when you feel JOY and PLAY; when you are in the flow. When you are in the flow is when you will know how you really feel about your life and about others in it. This requires surrender to each moment rather than thinking about tomorrow. You will be more free to really tap into your heart and it’s truth. The heart holds the truth to all your contemplations but it does it in a silent/feeling language rather than spirals of thoughts in the mind. 

There are no clear answers to complicated/monkey-mind questions.

So practically, spend some time in gratitude for nature, friends, good times, amazing memories etc. Go do something that makes you lose track of time. Cultivate that love frequency that will bring you right back to just BEing here now. There are no clear answers to complicated/monkey-mind questions. The truth lies in the heart where love and stillness reside and create joy and flow. No thinking required to find your truths there. Just let go and let God my friend. Give yourself a break. What will be will be. Take one moment and one day at a time. Allow life to live through you.

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