Starting a new project? Stay in flow!

It seems that there is always something more to learn. Expansion is a journey, not a destination. I like this. I like that the quest never ends  – but it does get easier. It gets easier as we let go to flow

Recently I was inspired by a brilliant idea. I knew it was Divinely inspired because when I stilled my mind and asked my heart, it told me in complete coherence – a resounding YES!

However, during the initial execution of this idea last week I fell into an unconscious state for a solid couple days. Thanks to my journaling ritual at night I stopped to ask myself why I was feeling so incongruent. My muscles were tense, I was stuck in analysis paralysis and felt that overwhelming feeling of anxiety (fear of the future). It then struck me like a lightning bolt – I HAD FALLEN OUT OF FLOW! I had defaulted back to my old programming – CONTROL. I allowed my limited mind to think it had to execute this entire project.

This moment of realisation awoke me from my unconscious state and I immediately knew to let go. I then made a promise to myself that this endeavour would be a complete dedication to joyful surrender. Only heart-based flow would unlock the pure potentiality of where this was going for me and everyone involved. 

Do you have ideas that are heart-inspired? Can you tell the difference between an inspired action or an action based on control/insecurity/external forces?

Watch my video below where I share my recent journey through the unconsciousness state of control and into flow again….

What was my inspired idea? To create a support group here on the Gold Coast for intuitive and spiritual coaches and counsellors like myself.  A monthly friendship circle where we meet to inspire & support each other in the work we do. I envision building a network of consciousness as a fire behind our work in service to others. So, if you know someone who is an emerging or established intuitive or spiritual coach or counsellor living on the Gold Coast, please share this link with them:

If you’re feeling stuck or you need some help learning to move down to your heart and begin to experience a conscious life of flow, book a free 1 hour virtual session with me. I would be honoured. Book here

Have a beautiful week filled with flow! Let go a little and see where it takes you, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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