Stay In Your Own Lane

How to hold space for others on the Hero’s Journey….

It’s time we remember that the journey to wholeness is a personal one. We must allow each other to experience this journey without hijacking the process thinking we know what’s best for another. Stop giving your power away and become the hero of your own journey. Honour others with respect for their sovereignty. The best thing you can do is nurture another with loving presence and judgement-free acceptance…

Many of us, myself included wobble here and there as we aim for a more conscious way of being. We might momentarily forget and look “out there” to find the peace and wholeness we are seeking. Without fail, each time we do this we move into this illusory world of distraction where we’re facing out of ourselves. It’s time we remember the way things work in this reality, the laws of nature! We are the creators of our experience. Energy flows where attention goes.

Everything is here to serve us and show us how we can integrate ourselves back to wholeness. This is the hero’s journey.

All is here to mirror all those fragmented shattered parts of us. Make this part of your awareness; that everything that is happening in the external world is a direct reflection of what’s going on within our inner world. As we continue to gaze out into the world looking for love we move further into the illusion of separation. If we simply look we will see the clear signs that present in our lives to show us how far off track we are. These shadows or triggers, bad habits and cycling disempowering patterns of pain; these are all beautiful indicators provided to you to show you what needs to be healed.

So how do we ensure we are sticking to our own hero’s journey and not rescuing through our limited lens of understanding of what another needs?

First we need to remember that each one of us is operating through a unique filter system of perception; every single person’s filter system is completely unique to them. There is no two filter systems in the world that are the same. So when I say that we’re making the best choices we can in each moment we truly are. No two people see the world the same way due to the programming of their beliefs, values and memories.

With this wisdom it’s time we stop externalizing and giving our power away in the name of others.

We’re only doing ourselves and them a disservice. You are not the hero of someone else’s life and nor should you be. You are the hero of your own life. Allow others to be the hero of their own lives. This is true sovereignty and respect. We will stop draining our power in this pursuit of “changing” others. When we come back to ourselves and our own hero’s journey we can change the world. You’ll notice very quickly that you are positively transforming those relationships in your own sphere of influence very quickly. This will begin as soon as you start to come back to yourself and create this new inner focus, giving the space for others to see their own mirrored shadow projections manifest without you blocking them, rescuing them, distorting the picture for them and hijacking and sabotaging their process of healing. This is you thinking that you know best. There is an organic process of healing we must respect in each person’s journey.

You are not the hero of someone else’s life and nor should you be. You are the hero of your own life. Allow others to be the hero of their own lives.

Having said all of this – this doesn’t mean that we cannot be of service! Please watch my video below to learn how you can be a nurturing presence for others to realise their own inner strength….


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