Stop DO-ing to Feel Worthy of BE-ing

Undoing the need to DO to feel worthy

In our culture we have learned that we are supposed to “do” in this world in order to have value. This then feeds into our lack of self-worth because it is impossible to satiate this endless thirst for more achievement. This kind of living leads to an emptiness inside. 

The solution is to delete the program of DOING and its connection to self-worth. This doesn’t mean you will stop doing, rather, this means you will stop associating what you do with your self-value. 

We heal from this when we finally allow ourselves to feel. The emotions we were never allowed to express have been holed up inside our whole lives and we use DOING as a way to avoid facing them. 

When we finally admit that this is not working anymore, we are ready to courageously face those deeply repressed feelings. We finally give ourselves permission to feel without judgement. As mentioned, this is an intuitive process of surrender and trust in a Divine force in our lives to return harmony to our mind, body and spirit. We can return to our true essence. Flow then comes into our lives and creates great ease and grace in our experiences.

I would highly recommend that you begin to ask your awareness to show you when you are reverting to running away from your feelings. Give yourself permission to FEEL without judgment. Then validate and acknowledge those feelings. Give yourself permission to RECEIVE without guilt (judgement) too. This is important to rebalance the feminine in your life. Afterall, it is the masculine that encourages us to produce, create, achieve and DO.

Shadow work is part of this healing process so that we can shed light on the deepest repressed energies still blocked inside your body. This work is powerful and transformational and you will feel lighter afterwards. Less triggers, and more peace and clarity in your relationship with yourself and others. 

One final thing – just 5 mins a day of focused breathing – slowly, deeply and intentionally. This will calm your nervous system and reset for the day. You can even put your hand on your heart while you do this to consciously move your focus from your head (thinking) to your heart (feeling). Spend a few moments each day in gratitude. This is a new practice that will begin to move you from being in your head to moving down to your heart. Practice using the muscle of your heart space where an endless supply of intuition, wisdom, love, intelligence and guidance can be accessed.

Remember, when we overthink, we under-feel. 

Open your heart to allow the Divine to heal and harmonise your whole being. In turn, you will feel at peace in just BEING.

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